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Bofill Mir & Alvarez Jana

Attorneys Involved
Daniela Severin (Associate)

Practice areas
Antitrust and Unfair Competition

Daniela Severin successfully finishes course at Barcelona School of Economics

Daniela Severin, an associate in BMAJ’s Antitrust and Unfair Competition, and Public Law and Regulated Markets practice areas, has successfully completed a in-campus course at the Barcelona School of Economics.

The “BSE Intensive Course on Competition in Digital Markets”, is a course that investigates how the digital economy works and under what conditions competition may not function as it should in this sector.

Regarding her experience in Spain, Daniela commented: “This was a particularly valuable experience for me, as it has developed my understanding of new ways of analyzing data from an economic perspective and how the European Union has dealt with the development of Big Tech.”

Find more information on the course here.